Cognac Lewinsky

ESL - May, 2015 - Woodhaven

In this story, three of my favorite obsessions are coming together - Cognac, pussy and the unexplainable. 

This thing really happened to me and I don't care if you believe it or not. Personally, I am an agnostic -  I have experienced some other things that defy scientific explanation, but they did not sway me. And yet, if I was not present during the following events I would never-ever believe that this is possible. I am writing this down, because even though I was there, even though I was a part of what had occurred, I want to have it down on paper for that future day when I will think this was all a dream, or a very good fantastic trip or something. Anyway, it was 2 days after my 40th birthday when my friend Mike met me at a bar. He'd been out of town and had just gotten back, but he had not forgotten my birthday.


'Hey Chuck, how's it going?'

'Not bad, what's up?'

'Listen, I wanted to do something nice for your birthday, so I got you a present.'

'Is it in that bottle shaped bag that you're carrying?'

'That is only a small part of it. For the real thing, we have to go somewhere else.'

'OK, where?'

'It's a surprise, but I think you’ll like it.'

We took a cab to some place in Williamsburg and rang the doorbell on a townhouse. I guess they knew Mike because the door opened and a gorgeous young redhead welcomed Mike warmly. Mike introduced me and I guess she liked me too because she kissed me warmly on the lips.

'Nice to make your acquaintance Chuck!' she said 'I am Cognac.'

I lifted a finger to my lips in surprise and she put her hand on top of mine.

'Don't be afraid, I don't bite' she said 'unless you ask me.'

I was quite baffled, but I decided to play along.

'Mike tells me it's your birthday.'

'Technically, it was two days ago.'

'That's OK, we can still celebrate.'

She took the bag from Mike, and pulled a bottle of Martell Cordon Bleu out of it. She opened that expertly and placed it on a table.

'Have a seat' she said.

She produced three snifters and poured about a finger and a half in each.

'Happy birthday Chuck' she said and we all took a sip.

'Because Mike is a very good friend of mine and he spoke so highly of you, I will show you something that very few people have seen.' With that, she pulled down her blouse, exposing a pair very beautiful titties.

'Come a little bit closer' she said  'I want to show you the proper way to drink Martell Cordon Bleu.'

She then poured a little bit of cognac onto each of her nipples and pulled my head down to one of them. Apparently Mike knew the drill because he did not need an invitation. He started sucking at that other nipple like a little baby.

I did not see any reason to refuse the unspoken invitation and proceeded to do the same thing. The action was getting Cognac quite excited. She kept pouring Martell onto her nipples very slowly saying:

'Come and get it boys.'

I was too occupied to notice that her skirt had disappeared at some point and before you know it, I was lapping Martell from inside her vagina. As she was pouring it extremely slowly, I could almost see the drops and I followed the trail straight up to her glistening clitoris.

'Does the alcohol hurt you honey?' I asked.

'Hush' she said 'it is just fine if you lick it up in time.'

By this time we had somehow moved over to her sofa where she reclined while I kept licking Martell Cordon Bleu off her body. Mike had stayed at the table and he had lit a cigar on which he was puffing happily once in a while. As I looked up at him, he just made shushing signs and pointing in the direction of Cognac's naked body.

'Pay attention' he mouthed.

So I did - I paid attention. I had never before been in a sexual situation while another man was in the same room, but I couldn't just up and leave. These were some kind of special circumstances. So I soldiered on, not to say that it was any kind of hardship. The Martell, mixed with the natural flavor of Cognac's body was actually very tasty not to mention extremely arousing as well. I did not know where this was going, but I did know that my cock was as hard as a walnut tree branch. Cognac was pouring more of that stuff onto her pussy and as I kept licking it off, she kept getting louder.

'Suck that Cognac clit Chucky. Eat the Cognac pussy. Yes, yes, yes!'

She kept lifting her pussy, so much so that at some point I had to stand up. Cognac was having a very loud and apparently very good orgasm which distracted me to the point that I did not notice what was really happening. It was not only her pussy that was being lifted, but her entire body. When I did start to pay attention, I realized that she was now floating in the air approximately 2 feet above the sofa.

'What the fuck Mike?' I blurted out.

'Happy birthday, Chuck! I did promise you a surprise. Don't waste it, this will only last another 15 or 20 minutes. Take off your clothes and get on board the greatest ride of your life.'

I was skeptical, so I took an internal vote. Didn't get too far because my cock's voice drowned out all the others. I threw off my shoes, pants, underwear and whatever, climbed on the sofa and from there on top of Cognac. She was not talking but her eyes were sparkling like they were stars, while she guided my cock into her cunt. We fucked! We floated! We got lost in the ether, so to speak. At some point she started floating throughout the room and Mike had to push us away when we almost collided with his head. I had what may have been the greatest orgasm of my entire life and Cognac followed suit. I don’t know if it was somewhat of a routine for her, but if it was she was a very lucky woman. She coasted slowly back to the sofa and alit gently. Though her eyes had been opened all this time and looking into mine, it seemed like she was only seeing me again now.

'Hi' she said.

'Wow' I replied 'can we just rest for a few minutes so that I can catch my breath?'

'Sure honey, take your time,'

My cock was almost deflated by this time, but I did not want to pull it out of her cunt yet. There is a nice feeling of lethargic euphoria that embraces my cock after a good fuck session especially if I manage to keep it inside a little longer. I kept looking into those fantastic green eyes and I know she knew that in that moment, I loved her more than I had ever loved anyone before or ever since. I did not need to say a word. I also knew that she was not someone you can possess - it would be ridiculous to try and marry her or live with her etc. Her gift was something that needed to be shared. I tried to tell myself that I should be happy with whatever little bit of it I had received.

'Will I ever see you again?' I asked.

'Of course' she replied 'call me.'

I had to get off sometime, so we washed up a bit, put some clothes back on and sat chatting a little longer while killing the rest of that bottle.

'So, what is your name?' I asked after a while.

'Roberta, but everyone calls me Cognac Lewinsky.  And no, I am not related to Monica.'

'What about the Cognac, what's the connection. And why Martell?'

'I cannot explain any of it. As for Martell, I just happen to like it, but the same thing happens when I drink a decent XO. Someday, if you can afford it, bring a Luis XIII. It will bring a higher dimension into our liaison.'

Eventually, we had to leave no matter how reluctant I was. In retrospect, I should say that I kept thinking about the possible similes between Monica and Roberta. I do have to say that even though Monica had had sex with the most powerful man in the world, it stands to reason that he was the one who felt more uplifted. Why else would he do it?

I did eventually save enough for a bottle of Luis XIII and I went back, but that is a story that I am totally incapable of putting into human language.


If you read this far, there is some possibility that you enjoy my weird stories. If so, you may find some other zany ones in my first collection of erotica "A Closer Look", available from .


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