The Alzabo Circle
  The Alzabo is a mythical creature from Gene Wolfe's amazing series "The Book of the New Sun". It acquires the memories and some of the characteristics of the creatures it devours. This one was drawn by Tom Ardans.

I thought that the name was quite appropriate for a site that was intended to facilitate open source collaborations, between artists of all kinds, on the web.

Sadly, it was scarfed down by PHP 8.0. There was not that much interest in it, so I do not see the point of trying to re-create it. I still own the domain name and there is a blog that can serve as a memorial.

  Some of my websites contain nudity and profane language. Mostly, I try to stay in the erotic zone without crossing over into pornography. The closest thing to porn might be a few clips from Tinto Bras films - nothing truly hardcore.
  There was a period, 15-20 years ago when my creative juices were flowing like the river Nile. I had so many ideas. Some of them became websites. The Institute of Applied Thinking was one of them.

It is still fun to visit once in-a-while and fix things when necessary, but it's just history.

  My Unpublished Novel is a site where you may read some of my stories, and excerpts from some of my novels. Also my some of my poetry, my Cookbook and some other scribbles. The site was named by my wife and I thought it appropriate because at the time I had not yet published anything. Since then, I self-published on Amazon under the name Ernest Samuel Llime, among others. - I am also a singer/songwriter and I created this site in order to showcase some of my music. I also have some of my songs on Soundcloud as well as Youtube. Please subscribe so that I can get a shorter URL.
  Queen for Today is a site where music meets erotica. The original intention was for women to send sexy picture. Didn't advertise it so not much of that has happened. As with my other sites I tried to stay in the erotic zone and not cross into pornography. Most of the site consists of slides of women in various stages of undress with a sexy song in the background.
  Llime Works Press was my attempt at becoming a legit publisher. For a while it was actually incorporated and had a bank account. Sadly, it didn't make any money so I dissolved it. The site is still there as a reminder. Some free erotic stories written by Marvin Ender, another of my imaginary authors, can be downloaded from that site. 
  The Bulgarian Counts is an imaginary band that was first mentioned in a novel that I started writing some years ago. I liked the name so since then I attributed some of my recordings to this band. was not available, but I got and I built them a website with various interesting pages. There are LP sleeve galleries, covers of my CD's and other things.