Vampire’s Suck - A Collective Project


  1. it is a novel
  2. about vampires
  3. these vampires do not burst into flame in the sun
  4. they do get serious sunburns, thus quite nocturnal
  5. explains their lack of vitamin D
  6. they get a boost from fluid exchanges with humans
  7. some do prefer blood though it is not a necessity
  8. to be published by Llime Works Press
  9. curated by Ernest Samuel Llime
  10. professional cover design
  11. after expenses - 50% of royalties to be split between authors.
  12. remainder of royalties will be used for reviews and ads.
  13. the timeline is just a suggestion - but stay within the 100 year period
  14. first chapter by ESL sets the tone .
  15. submit your 3000-5000 word chapter to
Please read rules for more information.

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