Our novel begins in 1917. Anything that happened before that will eventually find its way into a prequel.

1701 – Veronica is born.

1901 – Ilie Petrescu is born.


We recommend researching events on Wikipedia.

Vampire’s Suck

1917 – Ilie meets Veronica

1925 – Ilie’s parents die within six months of each other

1926 – Veronica shows up again. Ilie’s leaves with her

2017 – Ilie’s narrative


World shattering events happened during these 100 years - here are a few:

·         The Bolshevik revolution

·         The Spanish Civil War

·         WWII

·         The Holocaust

·         A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

·         The Korean War

·         The Viet-Nam War

·         Israel vs. the Arab countries

·         Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria

Many other events have occurred. Involving our protagonists in any of them could give birth to interesting situations. 

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