My name is Ilie Petrescu. I was born in a little village in Transylvania one hundred and sixteen years ago. From my name you might guess that I am ethnically a Romanian, but you would be wrong. Biertan, as the Romanians call it, is a little village in the Carpathian Mountains. It is one of those places that were originally settled by Germanic Saxons, sometime between 1223 - 1224. The Sas (as they are known in those parts) call it Beirthalm and the Hungarians, who are the largest minority, call it Berethalom. Romanians comprise the largest population of Transylvania, followed by Hungarians and a smaller Germanic group, but there are also many Gypsies, Serbs and even some Turks and Armenians. In spite on my totally Romanian name, my family was following the Lutheran religion and I remember going to the large fortified church with my parents. I found out later that one of my grandparents was of actually of Saxon descent. We also had some Hungarians in our family tree and though we tried to ignore it there was also a Gypsy somewhere in there. Growing up I had to learn three major languages: German, Hungarian and Romanian. By the time I was thirteen I could also speak Romani and Serbian. Thus it should come as no surprise that I eventually became a student of linguistics and later on semantics. By now I am fluent in more than 30 languages and I can pick up on their various dialects quite easily.

One hundred and sixteen years is a long time and I could add a lot more details about myself and the life I have lived so far. I might do that later on, but for now, let me just get back to my point.

As I had started saying previously, it all commenced on the day after my sixteenth birthday. At sixteen I was quite a large lad and easily 2-3 inches taller than the next tallest man in our group. In addition, I had also been working at my father’s mill for the previous two years and lilting one hundred pound sacks of flour day in, day out had made me quite muscular. I guess that’s what made my father decide that I was mature enough for the task that followed. He woke me up bright and early on that morning announcing that there will be no work on that day. I was to join him and a posse composed of some other villagers – we were going on a vampire hunt. There was a new preacher in town and his latest sermon had inflamed the minds of the congregation to the extent that they agreed to join him in a “Crusade,” as he termed it, against the local (and up to that day, fictive) vampires. Father Ludwig must have heard a lot of tales about the mythical Transylvanian vampires before being assigned to our commune. We met with him and about thirty other hot-headed guys and he proceeded to explain to us that he had received a communique from his secret sources that the itinerant theater that had camped just outside Biertan had been infiltrated by vampires. Later on, I heard my parents talking about the troupe’s production of Shakespeare’s Tempest. I was not allowed to experience it due to the fact that it was supposed to be quite racy. Apparently, it was as scandalous as reputed and chances were that our preacher was influenced by that fact when preparing his sermon.  

Father Ludwig spent another 30 minutes making sure that everyone knew how to identify and safely neutralize and destroy a vampire. The first thing was their pronounced and very sharp incisors, after which we were told to look for coffins, in which they were presumably sleeping, as well as check out the rafters were they might also be sleeping in their bat form. At the end of the prep talk we were issued vials of holy water and sharp wooden stakes that we were to use for piercing vampire hearts. It was a short fifteen minute walk to the theater camp site, and we arrived to find that the entire place was completely deserted. There were of course a few horses, some donkeys and a few dogs, which indicated that they had not left, but we could not find any person at all.  We searched every wagon and every tent and came up empty. One of the guys suggested that we put everything to the torch, but my father, surprisingly, raised the voice of reason, saying that we had no way of knowing that they were all vampires and that we should give it another day, when we could come back for a second check. Father Ludwig had to agree, reluctantly, that his information was that only some of the actors were vampires, but that they should wait a little longer to see if anyone showed up. I asked my father if I could be excused and when he acceded, I started walking back towards the village. The path led behind the big show tent and that put me out of everyone’s sight. I thought that it was my chance to at least see the stage even if not the play, so I walked right in. The stage had all kinds of stuff on it and I climbed the three little steps to stand on it. On the side of the stage I could see a narrow passage and curious as I am, I squeezed through it. It led to a few little rooms that had mirrors with little tables and chairs in front of them. On the tables there were all kinds of tubes, powders and wigs. It looked quite exciting and I wished that I could have seen the actors after they had put on their make-up and costumes. I walked from room to room, though you could hardly call them that. They were more like cubicles separated by curtains. The last one was even smaller than the others, but somehow it appeared smaller on the inside than it looked from outside in the little corridor. It didn’t take me long to realize that the curtain on the left side was not really the room divider. I guess whoever checked the cubicles had been fooled, but I was not. I pulled it aside to find a little velvet covered settee. Draped on the one armrest that the settee sported, was a human form.  

It only took me a second or maybe two to realize what I was looking at. It was the rear end of a girl wearing very sheer undies. Her dress had somehow ended up over her head and the transparent material of her undergarment, did not hide anything. I could clearly see the crevice between her legs underneath the rosy little ring of her asshole. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I stood transfixed for maybe a few minutes, thinking that perhaps I should alert the posse about my find. I decided that if they trusted me to be responsible enough to join them, they could also trust me to do the right thing. I walked a little closer, found the girl’s wrist and checked for a pulse. She felt warm to the touch, but I could feel no pulse and when I let go of her hand, it just dropped down without any life in it to stop the fall. I tried to come up with an idea about it all, but the sight of that cunt had me totally mesmerized. That picture had been so etched in my mind, that even after all these years; I can visualize the legs metamorphosing into thighs, which in turn emerged as the two gorgeously bright globes of gluteal miracle. As I said, I had never seen anything like that before. The closest I got to a girl’s body was when Domnica, who was my potential girlfriend, had let me put my hand inside her blouse to feel her left nipple. She had made me take it out at once promising to allow more in the future. Anyway, the cunt on hand, so to speak, seemed to have what I could only call lips and they were pink and juicy looking. I couldn’t help myself, so I grabbed the top of those panties and pulled them down to her knees. I noticed that there was blond fuzz all around her asshole and I thought it was just so cute. I used my hands to separate those lips and tried to take a peek between them. Things looked a bit tangled up in there, but somehow they reminded me of a flower. Feeling daring I formed my hand into a thumb and index pistol and pointed it at her asshole. “Pow” I said while shoving my index finger into her ass. It seemed naughty so I kept moving my finger in and out of that dead girl’s ass. Something was happening in my pants and it seemed that my cock was throbbing and trying to reach for higher altitudes. I dropped my pants just in time to avoid soiling them with my sperm. The sperm collection ended up splashing mostly on her ass and vagina. This was a new thing for me. I had previously soiled my sheets with nocturnal occurrences, but this was the first time it had happened while I was awake.  

I sat down on the floor trying to figure out what had just happened. I decided that somehow I got lucky; after all, some people do get lucky, so I was now one of them. I sat there gazing into the fantastic holes of the strangely fascinating body, trying to resolve my feelings. There was supposed to be some kind of respect for the dead, or at least that’s what I had been told. I had totally fucked that up but I thought that, being that Domnica had not showed me her tits, I’d like to see what tits did look like. I turned the body over and opened her blouse, releasing a pair of delightfully gorgeous tits.  

My first peek at tits ever, and my first thought was that tits were an amazing sight to see. They certainly were with their pink nipples and large dollar sized aureoles.  I blurted out:

“Why, do you have to be dead? You are one of the seven wonders of my world and I am not sure that the other six could ever live up to this.”

Saying that, I buried my face between the magnificent pair of amazing pillows, shedding bitter tears while enjoying their bliss.

A cold finger of fear gripped my heart, when I felt a hand gripping my testicles. I lifted my head to see that my ‘dead girl’ had opened her sky blue eyes and was staring at me.

“No, not dead yet, just felt a bit faint” she said.

I was totally frozen thinking to myself that if she was a vampire I was dead meat. She spoke once more and I noticed that her incisors were indeed sharper than what mine looked like – dead for sure.

“Don’t be afraid boy, I won’t bite you” she said while her hand kept playing with my testicles “not if you ask me not to. From the location of your face, I gather that you really like my tits. I should be thankful for them because I assume that if they were less appealing you would have stuck your stake through one of them. I am sure that’s what that idiot Ludwig has advised you to do. Isn’t that so?”

She had placed one of her hands behind my neck pulling me close to her naked chest, so all I could do was nod.

“Well, he is very wrong about things concerning vampires. Of course I am one, as you have already guessed. We are quite human in some of our characteristics, but we suffer from a lack of vitamin D. Contrary to popular belief, the sun would not kill any of us. It would however cause serious sunburn in a very short period of time. That and some inherited traits cause us to suffer from an acute immune deficiency.”

That was a long time before the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but in retrospect, it is now obvious that the two afflictions are closely related. I am not one hundred percent sure that those were her words. It is quite possible that I have figured that out myself at a later time.

“It is however true that we need the succor of human fluids once in a while, though it does not necessarily have to be blood. You seem like a young solidly built boy, so in return for the feels you have copped, I would be very grateful if you’d let me place my lips around your cock. Once again, I promise not to bite. As I was saying, I am quite weakened by fate so I would appreciate it if you brought it closer.”

I thought that since she had not killed me at once by sucking my blood, perhaps Father Ludwig had been lying or misinformed so I stood up and took a step to where my cock was closer to her mouth. I moved her head a little closer and once again she spoke:

“I am really quite weak and I might not be able to generate enough friction all by myself, so perhaps you could place your cock in my mouth and your hand behind my neck.”

It sounded really dirty and my cock was getting hard again, but it also sounded like nothing I had ever heard of and I could not possibly pass that by, so I did as requested.

“Now, just move your cock in and out and fuck my mouth, the same way you would fuck a country girls cunt.”

I thought about Domnica for a moment, but her figure paled when I remembered the vampire’s cunt and ass. They were a lot more exciting and I imagined that my cock was in her cunt. I started fucking that mouth in earnest and though I had a cock that was proportionate to my large body, she didn’t seem to mind when I stuck all of it deep inside her mouth. I later learned about the gag reflex and so on. Well she obviously did not have one. It did not take long for me to spill another large load of sperm into her throat and she swallowed every drop of it.

I tried to pull my cock out, but she placed her hands on my ass cheeks and kept it in there for a couple more minutes.

“Thank you so much” were the first words out of that mouth after my cock came out of it. I feel a lot better now. So what is your name and how old are you anyway?”

“My name is Ilie Petrescu and yesterday was my 16th birthday.”

“Well, Happy belated Birthday I guess. My name is Veronica and I am a lot older than that. I hope that we can eventually become good friends.”

“Are you going to bite my neck and suck my blood at any time?”

“Actually, not going to happen. I guess most humans think that vampires suck, but as you now know firsthand, not all vampires suck blood. Unfortunately, a lot of the male vampires are heterosexual and they cannot bring themselves to suck cock, though some would drink a cup of sperm if offered to them. Others have resolved that quandary by biting female necks and sucking some of their blood.”

The theater left town a couple of weeks later. I was extremely tempted to leave with them, but my father really was a very decent man and I loved him as well as mother dearly. Both of my parents were forty-nine years old when I was born and though my father was still putting up a strong front, it was getting more and more difficult for him to pick up those heavy sacs. I bid adieu to Veronica and stayed on at the mill.

Domnica eventually showed me her tits and though they were nice, they were nowhere as beautiful as Veronica’s. She was obviously expecting me to marry her, so it did not take long before we had sex. It was O.K. but she would not let me stick it in her ass. I was obsessed with that idea always thinking about the day that I slipped my index finger into Veronica’s asshole. After a while, Domnica decided that I was too weird and she started seeing the grocer’s son and married him quite shortly thereafter. She had a baby only six months after that, which explained the quick wedding. I suspected that it could be mine, but Domnica seemed happy with her grocer boy, so I left it alone.

My mom passed away in her sleep about eight years later. My father survived her by six more months and one day he just dropped dead almost as if the life force had left him. I kept running the mill, for lack of any other ideas, until another gypsy theater troupe came to visit our little village.

Strangely enough, they were also putting on The Tempest which I had missed when the first troupe had visited. I saw it this time and it was really good. Veronica in the role of Miranda was a pleasant surprise. I also understood why Father Ludwig had thought that the play was lewd. Miranda tended to wear very sheer see through garments that left little to the imagination, inflaming young men’s loins, including mine of course. Father Ludwig had since passed on, and the new preacher did not care for theater, so there was no new vampire hunt.

I went ‘back stage’ to Veronica’s cubicle after the show.

“Good show” I said “I missed you.

“Good to see you too Ilie - did you miss me so much that you’d let me suck your cock? I could really use a dose just about now.”

“Sure enough” I said pulling out my cock.

She didn’t waste any time before kneeling in front of me and placing her lips around it. She lifted her face and I gazed into her blue/green eyes. There was a happy smile on her face and I thought that she had apparently missed me as well. Strange, she was a couple of hundred years old by that time and yet, she had become infatuated with me. Go figure! I came into her mouth and of course she swallowed every single drop. She got off her knees and poured us a couple of glasses of blood red Tokaji wine.

“So, how have you been faring? Any more vampire hunts?”

“Nah, just working at the mill.”

“How are your parents doing?” she asked.

“Oh they both passed away this past year” I replied.

“Sorry to hear that” she said.

We sipped our wine in silence for a bit and then she added:

“So, is there a girlfriend, wife?”


“Don’t tell me you’ve been celibate since our last encounter.”

“No, it’s not that bad. There just wasn’t anyone who could erase your memory.”

“That’s flattering. I actually thought about you a lot in these past nine years. Why don’t you just sell the mill and come with me. I’d be thrilled to share some time with a stud like you.”

“I don’t know. I thought about it myself and then I thought it wouldn’t be fair to either of us. I would eventually get old and die and you would stay the same.”

“That may be one scenario, but it is not the only one. You could change.”

“You mean I would become like one of your kind?”

“It is totally doable” she replied.

“What would I have to do?” I asked her.

“Just come with me. I will explain the mechanics of it at a later time.”

“Under one condition.”

“Name it and it will be yours” she replied.

”Ever since the first time when I stuck my finger into your anus, I have been fascinated by female assholes. I haven’t yet found anyone who would agree to that kind of sex. Would you let me fuck you in that ass sometimes?”

I got a big smile “If that is all, I can totally work with it. As a matter of fact, let’s get to it right now.” Turning around she bent over her chair and lifted her skirt showing me that she had not been wearing any undergarments. Her hands grabbed her ass cheeks pulling them apart.

“Come and fuck my ass boy” she said.

Two hundred years old and she still liked to play. That was a good omen. I got closer and making a pistol of my thumb and index finger I said “pow” and stuck into her asshole again.

“Just give me a moment. I really like this” I continued while moving my finger in and out of her asshole.

She just moved her ass from side to side while I kept up that motion. I counted to myself until I reached ten. My cock was extremely erect once again, so I pulled out my finger and stuck that in there instead. It was easier said than done, my cock was a lot fatter than my finger and it wouldn’t slide in that easily.

“Hold on a second” said Veronica. She got a gob of grease from a container on her make-up table and greased up her asshole copiously.

“Try it once more” she said and I did. This time it slid in with only a little bit of pressure. That asshole gripped my cock tightly and while I moved in and out quite violently, Veronica kept pretty quiet through it all.

“You know, some guys like this and some girls put up with it for their sake, but the only nerves inside my asshole convey pain and no pleasure. Once you’ve satisfied your anal compulsion, perhaps you would kindly remove that cock from my ass and place it in my cunt. I promise that it will be really great for both of us.”

I thought about it for a bit and did as asked. She had a good point there. Perhaps there were no pleasure nerves inside her asshole, but it seemed that the entire situation was quite to her liking as her cunt was so wet, it was practically dripping. The natural lubrication felt much better than the grease she had shoved up her ass and I pumped my cock in and out in a sexual frenzy.

“Spill your sperm inside me” she begged when she felt my testicles tightening up “it is just as nutritious and delicious as if you spilled it into my mouth.”


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